Standard platform:
Definition of the base software structure to be implemented with functional considerations, applicable to any company interested in the current functionality offered.

Functional and technological improvements and version changes that are constantly being released, whose objective is to strengthen the platform, from which all clients that are active in the latest version released will benefit.

Minor adaptations:
They are those configurations that do not directly affect the standard platform and its functional structure (code manipulation), therefore, they are included as implementation work.

They are additional configurations and functionalities to those offered by the standard platform, which have a new impact on its functional structure, which generates additional analysis work, evaluations, new structuring, tests and estimates of additional times and values.

Project implementation:
It is the development and commissioning of the standard application: installation, analysis, training, testing, among other tasks.

Technical infrastructure:
The set of physical or virtual elements where information and data are stored, and allows the execution of all the functionalities of the project.
Innovation and efficiency

The Ikatech Solutions offer at the 2019 Underwriters Convention

In the month of June 2020 we were published in an article in the online magazine The Insurer of Mexico. Click here to read the entire article:

Visible Platform Launch

In March 2020, when governments in Latin America began to establish quarantine measures. Ikatech Solutions launches the Visible Platform for its clients, a solution that allows videos or images to be shared in real time between a technician or service advisor and a user with a specific need. This solution is divided into 2 modules, the image module and the video module. Each module has its administration panel where our client can consult the history of the services provided at any time.

This solution allowed our clients to continue providing their services during quarantine measures. Learn more about this platform in our solutions.