Traceability: a vital resource for the achievement of business objectives


The role of technology and traceability in the construction of valuable experiences for companies that provide assistance, support, and control of user actions, is vital in the development of their activities; What are the challenges for companies in an increasingly hyper-connected world? A quick answer to this question can be the traceability of each customer’s journey, and their interactions with the brand.

When we speak of traceability as a vital resource for the achievement of business objectives, we refer directly to the follow-up that we can have at the contact points for the provision of a service, and how various areas of the company are enriched, from those information structures.

The user experience must impact business objectives, and this is only possible with the help of technology that is easily adapted and accepted by companies, which allows integration with current data capture, storage, control and management systems internal, etc.

More and more companies are migrating to modern technology acquisition systems, prioritizing the modularity of the tools that make up their management to achieve information traceability, and this is precisely Ikatech’s commitment to different markets: how to optimize the systems that the company has, to integrate platforms that can solve problems in the short, medium and long term.

According to a study by McKinsey , companies that integrate modular systems and platforms to their management, can put products or services on the market 100 times faster than those that have in-house developments and change systems in a comprehensive way , according to business objectives.

In assistance services, patient logistics management, or when doing business intelligence analysis by any member of the company, it is important to have different contact fronts, transversality, information management, and it is precisely this flexibility of technology modules, which allows a company’s operations to work in synchrony, in real time, and allow correct traceability and optimization of service assignment times.

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